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When you need certainty that:
We'll arrive quickly
We communicate in Czech
The car, ride, and paperwork will all be in order
A professional driver will always arrive

Intuitive App

Book a taxi or courier with just a few clicks. Open the app and within minutes, you or your parcel are on the way.

Choose your driver based on price, arrival time, or ratings.
Pay by cash, card, or, for corporate clients, by invoice.
Know where you are and when you will reach your destination—and share this information with friends.
Opt for an electric car, a vehicle with a child seat, or premium cars.

Join over 2,000 satisfied corporate clients

Corporate Taxi
For employees and business partners. Expenditures are always clear and fully under your control.
Corporate Courier
Whether it’s a package, contract, or a forgotten charger, we'll pick it up and deliver it promptly.
Corporate Transport
Comfortable transportation to the airport or city center. Commissions for receptionists, guests pay by card.

Download the Liftago app

You choose your own driver. For example, by price, arrival time or rating.
You can pay by cash, card or as a corporate customer by invoice.
You can choose an electric car, a car with a child seat or luxury cars.
In the same app, you can also order a courier to deliver or pick up whatever you need. on the phone.